About Me

My name is Charity.  I am also known as Mommy or wife to Vic Vanderhoof.  We are a busy homeschooling family who also has a small family business.  I was a mental health/ substance abuse therapist for eight and a half years until I got to come home full time June, 2011.  I enjoy being wife, mother, teacher, chearleader, encourager, boo-boo cleaner uper, chef in the Vanderhoof kitchen, gardener, and am beginning to really enjoy blogging.  I am also beginning to enjoy creative projects which was something I used to enjoy before I got too busy to do those things.  Now I am starting to make time for them.  What I am not good at is house cleaning and I do not enjoy it, but I am learning.  Hopefully some of the things I learn to make this easier will appear on this blog. 

Most importantly though is that I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.  My main goals in life are to first of all have a closer relationship with Christ.  Then I want to reach as many with the Gospel as I can in my lifetime.  I also want to raise children who are able to reach more for Christ than I could.  So I try to do all the things I have to do well with these goals in mind.  That way at the end of this Age I can hear my Savior say, "Well, done good and faithful servant."

The others you will hear about are my husband of 13 years, Victor (Vic) who has a small lawn care and cleaning business.  He also does some preaching to fill pulpits in the area for pastors who need to be gone for whatever reason.  He started doing this shortly after brain surgery.  Vic had epilepsy.  A couple of years into our marriage his grand mal seizures returned after a 23 year absence.  He struggled with this for five years.  After he had brain surgery he is now entirely seizures free with no medication.  This also corrected some other issues so our family is enjoying watching Vic as he continues to grow into his new life.  Our marriage is defined in two eras pre-brain surgery and post-brain surgery.  We also have 2 children Caleb is 8 soon to be 9 and Simeon is 6.

This blog thus far has been much about our life as it has been re-building.  Now as our family life continues to grow this blog will hopefully become something to reach out to others.  I hope you enjoy your time with our family.