Friday, January 15, 2010

Brain Surgery!?!

It has been a busy day at our house. Vic and the boys met me for my lunch break and we went to the library. Then they went to a play group from 1-3 then the AWANA derby was tonight. I had planned to post pictures this weekend, but forgot that I have to get them developed first so I can scan them into the computer.

This was a big day for another reason. Two years ago today the doctors told us that they wanted to brain surgery on Vic to correct his seizures. That turned out to be life changing news and then two years ago this weekend is when I was offered my current position at Heartland Human Services.

This got me to thinking about how I wish two years ago I had been more accepting of God's will no matter what. See life had been really hard and cruel to us for a few years. I had this tendency to fight that and not accept the fact that God is always unfolding a story in my life. He had a plan during those days and was setting us up for a miracle. I just did not know it and I truly missed a lot of peace in my life that I could have experienced.

My favorite author Elizabeth Elliot defines salvation as God doing what is best for us all the time-- every minute of the day. Sometimes what is best for us is not at all what we want. He hands us the cup of our salvation-- sometimes that is a pleasant experience and sometimes it is difficult and painful. So for that season the absolute best thing for me was to walk the road we were walking. I wish now that I had been more grateful to accept the cup the Lord had given me. This is in hindsight now though. My prayer is that I am wiser and more mature through the experiences and that I would be more grateful in the future and more accepting of my cup of salvation. May I never forget that God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever all the time no matter what my experience and that I can trust him with my life. He is after all a loving, consistent, and faithful God.

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