Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remembering Days Gone By: Martin Luther King Day

I am working tomorrow which is Martin Luther King Day with a fully booked day and events going in the evening so I am posting these remembrances a day early.

I shared on Friday that my husband was told on the Friday before Martin Luther King Day that he was a candidate for brain surgery that they wanted to do in February. Well, we were still adjusting to the news when we got a phone call that made the rest of our days until March 3rd back in 2008 a blur. I know the significant dates and what corresponded on them, but can't remember the details very well.

On Martin Luther King Day I recieved a phone call from Heartland Human Services offering me a position as an outpatient therapist working primarily in the area of substance abuse. I was very much overwhelmed at that point. I remember telling Ms. Compton on the phone that I would have to call her back because we just discovered on Friday that my husband is having brain surgery in February. I called her a few days later and accepted the job, but my goodness was I overwhelmed. Now we had an interstate move, my starting a new position that would advance my career, and my husband would have brain surgery in a five week time period. The pieces were set in motion.

It was also a big relief too. See my husband had a business failure less than a year prior. The stress had caused his epilepsy to worsen and left him unable to hold down a job any longer. So I was carrying the financially devastating consequences alone. I was also the only one who could drive as well. If anything went wrong we would be homeless or if I could not make arrangements at work and they ran out of milk or something like that then my family went without. Sometimes for a few days. I was relieved that now we would be moving near family. If something went wrong there would be others there to help and a spare room of a family member as opposed to sleeping in our car if it ever came to that.

It was such a relief. I look forward to sharing the miracles from this time.

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