Sunday, October 23, 2011

Add more fun to learning

I am not sure that I have anything deep or profound to say this evening, but I am planning to make some changes to our homschool starting this week. I think these changes will add to the relationship building part of our school day, make things more fun and interesting, as well as may be help me organize and add more routine to what we are doing. We will have certain things that we do on certain days or maybe a theme for that day of the week. Not sure how to express it.
Here is going to be the line up.
Muffin Tin Monday
Sketch Tuesday
AWANA Wednesday
Lapbook Thursday
Adventure Friday
I got the idea for Muffin Tin Monday from the Muffin Tin Mom. There is a link to her blog on one of my other blogs Check her blog out. She has so many great creative ideas. Basically we are going to eat lunch from a muffin tin that follows a theme. This year Simeon is working on a different letter every week so our theme will be around his letter of the week this school year. Sketch Tuesday was inspired by Harmony Art Mom-- a link to her is alsoon the Vanderhoof School of Excellence blogsite. She is presenting a theme to draw about that day. AWANA is on Wednesdays and my children need that extra time to have some time for themselves. Thursdays we will work on Lapbooks of various things. Adventure Fridays will be Nature Study, Field Trips, Science experiments, or any other things that just satisfies the sense of adventure, develops curiosity, and develops a love of learning. I am looking forward to some of the new life I think this will bring to our school. Follow along on Vanderhoof School of Excellence to see how this develops and see pictures of what we are doing.

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