Thursday, October 20, 2011

Caleb's Baptism

As I stay up late tonight with the oven on-- a cold night called for some baking, but if I had realized how long this project was going to take I would have abandoned it. Anyway, I realize that I never did post about Caleb getting baptized.
Caleb's journey to being baptized on October 2,2011. I will go back to the year 2004 and Caleb was a tiny baby. I was a part of a prayer group and we started praying for Caleb to not only accept Christ at a young age, but to give his whole life to the Lord young as well. Project ahead a few years. Caleb is 5 and he keeps telling his dad and I that he wants to ask Jesus into his heart. We listened, but did not think he was ready. Then one Sunday at church Caleb told me we needed to talk. He told me that he asked Jesus in his heart in his bed a couple of nights ago and that he was going to follow Jesus no matter what his dad and I said he was not too young to decide this. Caleb was five almost six then. Over the course of the next year Caleb continued to tell us he wanted to be baptized. At first Vic and I did not think Caleb had an understanding about baptism and he did not seem to gain that understanding when we explained it to him. Eventually I could see that Caleb did understand and was ready, but Vic did not think he was ready.
Our church started an AWANA program this year. As Caleb started to do the work for AWANA it became obvious that Caleb did understand and was ready for Baptism. So we talked with Pastor and scheduled the baptism. Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing. I know my son was not happy that we were not at church that day to see this blessed event.