Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My sons and I took my mother shopping this week like we do every other week.  Typically we go on Friday, but this week we went on Thursday.  It was a long, late trip, but I am so glad to get to honor my mom in this way.  She has given me so much and we got a chance to talk about it on the drive.  Not only did she give me life by bringing me into this world, but she also sacrificed so much and made herself uncomfortable to bring a better life for her children.  She grew up in a home where she had been terribly mistreated as a child and her goal for the lives of my sisters and I was that our childhoods would be better than hers.  My mom succeeded in that.  I am forever grateful for the good childhood I had.  I remember her being at my track and cross country meets, taking me out for ice cream to cheer me up when I did not make the cheerleading team after try outs, working in the garden with her, being taught how to cook by her, I remember her being with me when I moved into my first dorm room in college; I even remember having the chicken pox when I was 8 years old and she took a toothpick and scratched between the pox because I itched so badly.  I never truly understood the sacrifices she made for me until I had children of my own.  I now see all that my mom did in a whole new light.  I realize all the times I never appreciated all that she did-- especially when it was uncomfortable such as making me pick strawberries in the mornings during summer vacation (ironically I enjoy that task now even though I did not back then).  I want to take some times as Mother's Day is in the morning to remember and celebrate my mom.

I also want to remember all the other moms I know who sacrifice for their children and love them no matter what.  Have a happy and totally blessed Mothers Day!  May you feel the love, presence, and closeness of Christ on this day and every day.

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