Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Sunday Policy

We are starting a new Sunday policy at our house, but really it is an old policy.  It started at Creation.  After church today we did the bare minimum of work.  We ate leftovers for lunch, my son made sandwiches for supper.  I put clothes in the dryer.  Vic and the boys played a little Wii and went fishing then played down at the river bottom.  As for me I stayed home and got deeper into my Proverbs 31 woman study and did some reading.  We agreed that with the long hours that Vic puts in working and the long hours of keeping things going here at home that a day each week where we don't do all of those things is in order.  It is also biblical. 

God knows us so well and he knew we would need to rest and recharge our batteries.  So we are making our Sunday policy to follow God's design and not do our normal work.  We might still decide to visit a museum or do something fun as a family, but even that is a renewing activity.  So Sunday a day of rest.  A great concept that I know we will be blessed for.

Have a great Memorial Day!!!!

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