Thursday, May 24, 2012

Source of Strength

Wednesday afternoon I started feeling sick.  The boys and I took some time to watch videos and I served my family convenience food along with potato chips(something I am not inclined to do).  This morning I woke up feeling somewhat better but weak and tired.  Since as a wife and mom I do not have the luxury of taking sick time I could not spend more time down so I decided to talk to the Lord about it.  Some verses I cam across are:

Exodus 15:2-- Reminds me that the Lord is my strength and my song
2 Samuel 22:33-- Reminds me that it is the Lord who arms me with strength
Psalm 28:7-- Reminds me that the Lord is my strength and my shield
Isaiah 40:31-- Reminds me that the Lord will renew the strength of those who trust in Him
Philippians 4:13-- Reminds me that the Lord will give me strength to do every thing that I need to do.

So I realized in a new way that the Lord is the source of strength so I needed to lean on Him for all the strength I need today.  Then Hebrews 12:12 says, "Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees."  I don't know if I was reminded this morning or shown something in a fresh new way, but I could see that the Lord wants us to strengthen ourselves in faith so that we show Him we believe that he will take us all the way to the things He desires and wants for our lives.  That He will take us on to victory through His strength.  Since I am about to go to bed and had a productive day this was my story today.  Good night!!!  I plan to do my part 2 post in the morning.  

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