Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to the Basics

I need to air out my thoughts for a minute and decided to do it this as a post.

One of the blogs I follow is Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph.  Courtney is currently doing a series about making your home a haven.  I decided to take the challenge.  Things were going well, but our home does not feel like a haven right now.  My husband is still discouraged from the drought this year.  He also decided to make a move to add more some year round income to our family.  He has been working toward becoming licensed to sell insurance.  He has now met the criteria for the life insurance producer license, but just barely did not pass one section so he can be licensed to sell health insurance.  Later he will work toward property and casualty.  Selling insurance will be his part time job in addition to his landscaping business (this is the work he truly loves, but is unfortunately seasonal).  He has been discouraged the last few days.  Then I had a couple of things happen that caused me to be up late and not get enough sleep.  Then the stomach flu hit our home first the children and then I had it yesterday and Vic has it today.  Needless to say our home does not feel like a haven right now.  The dishes are backed up, the laundry is in piles (extra piles at that), the house is in disarray, and we are struggling to be cheerful right now.

I had to resign today to the fact that this is a back to the basics kind of day.  This is not a thriving day.  Tomorrow will be and next week will be again, but today as long as the dishes and laundry are caught up and every one is fed then it will be a good day.  Tomorrow as long as whoever is well is clean and has clothes on their bodies makes it to church then every one is fed it will be a successful day.  Then we will start a fresh week Monday.

Sometimes I have such high standards for myself that I beat myself up when I can't live up to my ideals.  I have struggled with that since Wednesday.  This morning however I decided that the minimum is okay once in awhile, but I certainly do not want to live mediocre all the time.  So it is a back to the basics kind of weekend.

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