Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Redeeming Laundry Folding

When I finish typing this I will be going to fold laundry.  I postpone the task as long as possible because it is one of my least favorite jobs.  Back when Caleb was only a few months old someone told me they just could not understand why I did not put Caleb to bed early and relax by doing something like folding laundry.  I could spend quite a bit of time talking about why I would make sure to have as much time with my baby as possible since I was gone from home at a job all day.  However, I will not do that today.  That is for another day.  Some how relaxing and folding laundry just did not fit in the same sentence and certainly not in the same category.  I have struggled with having a joyful attitude about folding laundry.

Recently. however, there has been something redemptive happen for me concerning this dreaded task.  I have started praying for each member of my family as I fold his clothes.  Then when I fold my own I pray for wisdom and guidance as the woman of this house and the many hats that has me to wear.  As I have started this I have come to see growth and progress in my family.  I have seen growth in me and I have watched this household have some great transformations.  We still have a long way to go and I definitely have a long way to go as far as being a good housekeeper, but I have discovered that as I give more and more of my life over to the Lord (particularly in housekeeping) I am discovering more and more of his redemption, love, and that he really does care about me and my family.

Yesterday, I had the same experience while doing the dishes.  I have started to pray for our kitchen to be a place of ministry to reach out to others, that the children and I will create great bonds in that room, and that our meal times would continue to be a sweet place for creating memories, training our children, entertaining guests, growing together as a family, and would expand into everything God envisions for our kitchen and dining table to be.

It has revitalized my view of my homemaker job.  I can not wait to see what else the Lord will do in our family.


  1. Great idea to pray for your family as you fold their laundry!

  2. I love what you prayed in the kitchen...I will do that too!