Friday, January 18, 2013


We love AWANA around here.  Our whole family enjoys it.  I really like the quality of the AWANA teachings and it has become the Bible curriculum for our homeschool.  Each son has his own book and they have lessons and memory verses.  As they memorize verses they earn incentives.  Caleb and Simeon are both in the Sparks group this year.  Caleb is in his last year of Sparks and in the third and final book.  Simeon is in his first year of Sparks and in his first book.  Both boys enjoyed being in the Cubbies when they were younger.  We are learning so much!!!!  I often feel convicted by their memory verses.  One that Caleb worked on last week was Deuteronomy 31:8 "The Lord, Himself, goes before you and will be with you.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid!  Do not be discouraged!"  That verse also challenged me as I was helping Caleb memorize it.  AWANA is just a great way to get the Word in the hearts of all of us. 

Vic is the Games Director at our church.  He really enjoys this.  He has done an amazing job and this position seems to be a good fit for him.  He says he loves getting to interact with all the other children.  Before our church started an AWANA program we were involved in another church's AWANA program.  Vic would fill in for the large group time once in a while.  He said he loved sharing the truth of the Gospel with the youth there. 

I also asked Caleb what he likes about AWANA and he told me that he really likes learning about the Bible and earning awards.  Simeon told me that he really likes the games and the AWANA store.  Our church this year for the first time instituted the AWANA store.  The children have opportunities to earn tickets for various things.  They get tickets for bringing their Bibles, vests, and book as well as other questions from the leaders, and things like this.  Then once a month each child has the opportunity to cash in tickets for various items.

Another thing we like about AWANA is that it is available all over the world.  Last year we spent the month of January in another state doing some volunteer work.  We were able to find another AWANA program in the area and our children were able to participate and not miss anything.  A surprise benefit I learned about AWANA this year is that my children's participation in AWANA could also lead to college scholarships in their future in addition to the most important benefit of getting God's Word in their hearts.  A benefit I am just now starting to explore is the AWANA at Home programs.  I have not investigated them long enough to tell you about them yet, but if this portion of AWANA stays true to the rest then I know we will enjoy it. 

If AWANA sounds like something that might be of interest to you, your family, or your church here is a link,default,pg.html  to find out more.

I can see growth in my children from AWANA and it cooperates with our goals as a family.  WE LOVE AWANA!!!!!  As far as we are concerned it is here to stay in our family.

Here are a few pictures from AWANA game time 2 weeks ago.

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