Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stone of just the right size

Today I was watching this video and one line stood out. It was as if I had never heard it before even though I have heard this song a million times. I wanted to listen to this song because I recently I realized that I have allowed myself to tell myself and believe many things that simply are not true. As I have been praying and trying to sort through I had this the desire to look this video up on You Tube. As I listened is when the line, "And the stone was just the right size to put the giant on the ground." I reviewed some of my life's history that I struggle with as well as some transitions that my family is beginning to take. It brought me some peace. When David fought Goliath with his sling and a stone it did not look good for David, but he was following God's call and his plan. God was faithful and provided David with just the right size stone to knock Goliath out. That is amazing--of all the stones that could have been available God provided a stone just the right size for the task at hand. Do you ever doubt God? I wish I didn't, but I do sometimes. I am so glad God is loving with me. Then I started thinking about some times in my life that things did not look favorable for my family and God provided stones of just the right size. We had been financially ruined and could no longer afford our home so decided that selling it would be better than foreclosure. The timing could not have been worse. The housing market bubble had burst and houses were not selling. However, we sensed the Holy Spirit leading us to put our house on the market. Less that 24 hours after the For Sale sign went up in the yard the original owner of the house drove through the neighborhood. He was moving back to the area and decided to drive through his former neighborhood. When he saw the house he had originally had built he decided he had to take a look at it. He made an offer the next day and the house sold. God provided a stone of just the right size to conquer that giant. Another time is from that same season. The sale of that house was going to be in 5 days. Our credit had been demolished so we could not find anyone to rent to us. It was five days before we had to be out of our house that someone agreed to rent to us. They wanted a large deposit that we didn't have. So we prayed and had a yard sale. A friend of mine had come to visit and she brought a cash gift that brought us closer to our goal, but we were still over $1000 away from the money we needed. Then a man came to look at one of the bicycles we were selling. He said he needed to go home to get the money. He came back with a check for the exact amount of money we needed. He explained that he sense the Holy Spirit leading him to write the check for that amount, but he did not know who it was supposed to be for. When he was looking at the bike he sensed the Holy Spirit tell him it was us who he was to make the check out to. Then we explained our situation and that it was the exact amount of money we still needed. We were facing giants and God once again provided a stone of just the right size. Then I think about my husband's seizure disorder and learning disabilities. These were huge giants that held him back and caused a lot of heartache for our family. The Lord arranged for us to see another doctor. This led to brain surgery. My husband was delivered from both epilepsy and learning disabilities and is now doing things he had not been able to do before. God sent a stone of just the right size. There are many other stories in my life where God provided just the right sized stone for the particular problem or giant we were facing. He promises in scripture to never leave or forsake us. We can count on those promises. Right now our family is in the process of making a big change. I have recently been struggling with some of the things that will happen because of these changes-- fear of the unknown. I have struggle with this insecurity, but I suddenly found strength and courage as that line of the song encourages me. If the Lord provided David with a stone of the right size and in the past has provided me with stones of the right size. I can count on Him to provide stones of the right size as I face the future. He is faithful and promises to care for us.

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  1. Amen! God will continue to provide for you and your family. That is so good to realize, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!