Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good things

I did not post last weekend because I was sick-- I slept two and a half days solid. Then this weekend I have been so busy, but I do not want to let two weekends in a row go without posting something. So here it is late Sunday night with an early morning coming.

Yesterday the boys and I went shopping-- all day shopping. We got a lot of stuff for Daddy because Daddy needed stuff. Well, they boys only got a couple of things. Their response made me realize how fortunate I really am to have two terrific boys. They were grateful for what they did recieve from our trip. I did not think about then getting equal amounts of things-- one needed more than the other. So one got more than the other. No one complained or argued with me about it. Instead they were both grateful. They both got excited for the other in recieving things.

I see so many people who are not grateful for what they have and are so busy making sure they get their share. I made sure to take a few minutes to say thank you to the Lord for helping my children to develop this gratitude and looking out for each other.

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