Friday, July 22, 2011

The Power of Encouragement

I hope that I don't ramble. Having trouble sleeping tonight and decided to do a blog entry.

Recently my husband began going through a period of discouragement. It seemed to run deep for him and he was saying somethings that totally spooked me. He wanted to give up. There were also some people providing discouragement for Vic during these last couple of weeks. The pain seemed to run so deep for him. It also did not help that we have been experiencing a sever heatwave with dangerously hot temperatures which is not good for a man who sits on a mower all day long.

During times of vulnerability is the time Satan seems to attack. Scripture does say that he roams the earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. My husband was vulnerable and so Satan saw opportunity. It seemed like every time we turned around equipment was broken or else some mishap or another would happen. Then there was one person in particular who would hurl hurtful and insulting things at my husband daily. Vic would try to avoid the man, but in a small town that is not always possible.

Vic would come home and at first was distant. The boys and I knew Vic was having a hard time so we decided to pray for him a lot and make our home the one place he could come to hear encouraging statements. In a short time Vic started opening up to me. I resolved that no matter what he said to me I was going to be positive and calm-- even if freaked me out and many of the things he said did.

It was a few days later when Vic apologized to me. He apologized for the years he did not offer emotional support when I hurt so badly that I wanted to die. He apologized for yelling at me when I cried. He went even further and has started offering me encouragement and emotional support. This has been healing for him, for me, and for our marriage. The Lord has turned the whole thing around to something good. We are connecting in ways we never have as a couple. We are a much stronger unit as a result. I already see a difference in our sons. For me personally it ripped open wounds that were not truly healed (they were wounds that needed my husband's support and love in order to heal)and now they are beginning to heal.

Encouragement is a powerful tool that the Lord uses. Encouragement can keep one going when one wants to quit. Encouragement brings people closer together. Encouragement can also keep some from walking away from the Lord. Encouragement helps us to grow. So look around and see who you might be able to provide encouragement to today. You have no idea what great things might happen as a result.

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  1. Great words, Charity. We all need to try and be more open to the needs of others. Life is hard and the devil likes to kick us when we're down. Encouragement and support from others can really help.