Friday, June 17, 2011

Settling down

This week has been a little bit rough, but settling. I ended last week by catching a summer cold. It has been a rough one and I am struggling to get rid of it. I am improving, but it still lingers. It seems anytime I go through a de-stressing time I get sick.

However, I do not want to forget how blessed I am to have the chance to stay home to raise my children. I know there are many who would trade places with me in a heart beat. It has been nice to see progress in the things I am trying to teach the boys. One of the goals that I have is to raise Caleb and Simeon to be uncommonly courteous. I realize that I need to become more courteous as I am working with them on this. Well, Caleb did an excellent job with this uncommon courtesy this week. My family orders food from a coop or food buying club as does my mother. We typically pick up all of our orders at the same time. In the past Vic did this because I was at work. However, now that I am home with the boys I did this job on Wednesday. While I was writing the check I asked Caleb to pick up a couple of the boxes to put them in the trunk of the car. He picked up those boxes, but then proceeded to pick up all the boxes that were not too heavy for him. Then when we went to my mom's apartment he carried the ones that were not too heavy all by himself without being asked. He did this with a cheerful heart and was happy to do it. I was pleased with his courteousness. I have several goals for Simeon specifically. The one top on my priority list is for him to finally be potty trained. He is four and a half and has the ability, but has stubbornly refused. That is Simeon's personality-- you are not going to make him to anything he does not want to do. There are some definite advantages in the long run in his life that this strong will is going to bring him, but as for parenting him that strong will makes the job more difficult. I praise the Lord for his strong will though because I know God has great plans for this quality in Simeon. Anyway, back to potty training. Today Simeon pooped in the potty for the first time. We were all so excited and Simeon got excited about it too. So hopefully we are on the right track.

Vic is busy mowing and carpet cleaning a lot. We hardly see him this time of year. He leaves between 7 and 7:30 in the morning and often does not return until 9:00 at night. We will likely see too much of him in the winter. However, we are praying about what the Lord wants us to do with the winter. We know God has a plan and we want to cooperate with it.

As for me I am catching up and will be for quite some time. Tonight's task is baking for the next week or so.

Have a Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

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  1. Good for you for taking the time to try and teach common courtesies to your boys.