Sunday, November 13, 2011

God Does Hear

The last couple of days I have been talking to the Lord about the fact that I have been discouraged for so long and that I have not been able to shake it. Nothing seemed to break through. I shared this with my husband last night as well. Then this morning during my devotion time I asked the Lord to please break through my discouragement and to give me hope and joy. I was tired of trying to think positive, think about good things, throw off negative thinking, and the struggle was wearing on me. So I simply told the Lord about it. I found it to be amazing that the very same morning the visiting pastor spoke on the exact answer to request I had asked of the Lord 3 hours earlier.
God does hear our prayers. He does care. It had been a long time since I have been able to believe that without having to work hard to make myself believe it. I remember at the darkest time in my life being told by church leaders that the Lord did not care about me because I did not follow the exact set of rules that this man was telling me. He had no idea what damage he did to my spirit that day. I was already saying I was struggling to find God in my situation, I was struggling to know what to do and my prayers did not seem to go any higher than the ceiling. I needed to be reminded that God loves me, that he cares, but instead I was told that I was not acceptable to the Lord. This put a block between the Lord and I. I no longer was able to enter into rest or peace with the Lord. I doubted my ability to know what the Holy Spirit was telling me. It left room for discouragement to grow into a big ugly monster. I have been healing and the Lord has been breaking through these walls. He does care. He does hear our prayers, our thoughts, our questions, and he does answer them. So if you are discouraged like I have been remember that God does hear and he does care. He promises us never to leave us or forsake us. So hold onto that promise and let the Lord unfold the answers in front of you.

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