Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Organizing Happiness

There were many years where I was on the outside looking in. My husband had a disability and was not able to work to earn a living to support our family. I was envious of moms who had the priviledge of staying home with their children. God heard the cries of my heart all those years. To make a long story short, my husband is no longer disabled and six months ago I came home full time to be a homemaker and raise our children. The transition, however, has not been an easy one. I in no way want to re-enter the workforce. I thought I would experience more joy than I have.

I realized recently that part of my frustration is that I am feeling a little lost as to how to organize my life, what routines to have, and most importantly I realized I was not having the time alone with the Lord that I needed. All of these issues are addressed in e-book Organizing Happiness by Lorrie Flem. In this book Lorrie talks about preparing the night before-- which was quite timely as I am preparing for our first family vacation in eight years. She also talks about setting priorities and saying no to those things that are out of line with those priorities. I am terrible about this because I see all the things that I want to do, all the the things I need to do, and then want to do them all right now. I often times say yes too often when I would likely be happier if I said no more often. Then as I read Lorrie talked about taking things one step at a time and reminded me that slow and steady wins the race. As I read these things I have been challenged and am working to implement these practices into my life. I am only a week into these changes and I already see a difference. I am happier and so are my children.

Another valuable point Lorrie makes in this book is the priority of time with the Lord. I made some changes in this area a couple of months ago. I started training my children to stay in their rooms and read or play for an extra hour in the morning to give me that time. I tell them it is Mommy's Special Time with Jesus. I believe this time with the Lord is vital so I want to emphasize this in my review. If we give the Lord time he can will give us all we need. I realized these last few weeks that I had forgotten how to enter into the Lord's rest. It is in this rest that we find peace and healing. I am glad Lorrie encouraged me to keep this time a priority.

I recieved Organizing Happiness from Eternal Encouragement, a ministry to encourage mothers in their high calling as homemakers, wives, and mothers. You too can recieve Organizing Happiness for free when you sign up for Lorrie's newslwtter at

Disclaimer: I received Organizing Happiness from Eternal Encouragement. I received it free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


  1. These are great reminders, Charity. I, too, have had to re-prioritize my commitments and learn how to say no. It is hard at times to say no, but I can honestly say I have been a lot more at peace after condensing my commitments. I am trying to focus more on the things that are most important - my Lord and my family. Thankyou for sharing your review.

  2. time with the Lord...why do we always leave this for last? Thankfully, He is always right there waiting for us to get our priorities back. What a great example you are setting for your children explaining that you need a "special time with Jesus".