Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charlotte's Web

A couple of days ago we finished reading Charlotte's Web by E. B. White aloud in our homeschool.  We all enjoyed this book.  This was the first non-picture book that Simeon has become interested in so that made it even more neat.  I remember the first day I realized he was enjoying the book.  We were with my mom at a Starbucks Coffee Shop and all of sudden Simeon gets up from his chair and squats down on the floor.  Mom and I both thought this was a little strange so we asked Simeon what he has doing.  He told us that he was pretending to be Gussy (the goose in Charlotte's Web) sitting on her eggs. 

We have had a lot of fun with the book.  We are finishing a lap book themed around Charlotte's Web this week.  The day we finished the book we rented the movie.  Caleb's comment was that he liked the movie, but he was disappointed that so many of his favorite parts were left out.  He noticed as well that the movie did not have the thoughts of the characters captured like the book and the pictures in his imagination he felt were better than on the movie. 

This led us to discuss how reading the book is so much better than the movie.  There will be parts left out and there are some things a movie just can not capture that a book can-- such as the thoughts or feelings of the characters.  So we came to a conclusion that while movies are nice we believe at the Vanderhoof House that the books are so much better.


  1. We just finished Charlotte's Web, too. We used it as part of Total Language Plus, so grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc were all pulled from the book. My daughter wrote her first book report on it!

  2. We have come to enjoy my reading aloud to them. I sometimes make popcorn and what we refer to affectionately as kids coffee (heated vanilla milk). Caleb and I have enjoyed this for a while now I think it will be really neat with Simeon in on the action. I am so glad you are using a curriculum like Total Language Plus. Wow her first book report!! They grow up so fast.