Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Another Crazy Day

Well, it has been another busy, full, somewhat crazy day here at the Vanderhoof House.  I got up to find the boys fed-- Thanks Vic.  Then we got the day started.  Vic just got home at 8:30 this evening and I was biting at the bit for him to get here.  I am planning to take a 10 minute break in our bedroom after he finishes answering his business calls.  Today we got the boys got some housework done with me, we had school, I washed four loads of laundry, I washed two loads of dishes, made four pizzas (one for dinner and 3 for the freezer), bathed the boys, planned what meals in a jar we will make tomorrow, and did some computer work for Vic and managed to squeeze in reading a chapter and some prayer time.  It was a full day, but the thing I did not manage to do today was get dressed.  So at 8:30 pm I sit here in the pj's I put on last night.  I have been planning to blog all day, but now that I have a chance I am too tired to blog on the topic I wanted to blog on today.  So some day in the near future.  Anyway off to have 10 minutes and then go for my walk and have Bible study with Vic while folding some of the laundry that was washed today.  I hope your day was a great one.

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