Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Camping Trip

Okay, I will admit that this post is probably going to sound a little whiny.  I will try not to whine, but I am not sure if I will succeed.  Once I finish this post I plan to go to bed sick.  After a fun filled VBS week (I believe 12 in Caleb's class asked Christ into their heart) we were looking forward to a busy, but fun filled weekend.  So Friday over the course of the day I felt a scratchy sore throat starting and I woke up Saturday morning with a full blown cold.  Summer colds are just no fun at all.  So we went to the Raingutter Regata with the Cub Scouts.  Caleb did not win, but had a lot of fun painting and decorating his boat.  Then even more fun racing with his fellow Cub Scouts.  Then those that wanted to could stay and camp.  So we brought our tent and the other camping gear that we have and prepared to stay the night.  Vic had fun doing some late night fishing.  Caleb and Simeon had a blast playing flashlight tag, exploring and all sorts of other activities with all the boys that were staying.  Then at just after 10:00 I settled them down in their sleeping bags.  Caleb went to sleep rather quickly.  Simeon, however, did not fall asleep until 11:30.  Around that time I realized that I was not going to make it through the night.  I could not breathe and my throat was beginning to get sore again.  So at 11:45 I went home.  I returned this morning and enjoyed a little more time on the campsite.  Then I have been doing some of the clean up and laundry today.  Then at 6:00 there was a program for VBS.  Caleb and Simeon did so well singing their songs and doing the motions they were taught to go with them.  We stayed and spent time enjoying some fellowship at a little reception.  Now we are home.  Vic is watering the garden, and I am exhausted.  I realized that while I have smiled and clapped and am glad it has been a good weekend for my family that I really have not enjoyed it because I feel pretty crummy.  So I am going to let Vic make the baked potatoes with broccoli, cheese, and bacon while I go to bed.  They can put all the folded laundry away.  This momma just needs to take some medicine and get some rest.  I hope you had a great weekend!!!!

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