Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's For Dinner Mom (review)

"Mom, I am hungry?"  I dread those words these days.  I did not used to-- I used to love hearing them.  When Caleb entered his bottomless pit stage of life it did not hinder me all that much.  However, when Simeon hit that stage and I had two bottomless pits I felt like all I ever did was cook.  Then before even five minutes passed they were hungry again.  They are not overweight-- in fact they are bean poles.  By the time dinner time rolls around I am so tired of cooking and preparing food that I do not want to look at food never the less prepare a meal and serve it in an appealing fashion that bonds our family closer together.  It did not used to be this way.  I used to prepare nice healthy suppers, set the table nice with cloth napkins and candle light.  Now, however, I am so worn out that I feel like it is all I can do just to get food on the table.  Lately, both of our sons complain about what is served.  Vic will not tolerate this and the meal turns into anything but being enjoyable.  I plan a menu and include plenty of snacks and that helps some, but it has still been a struggle recently.  So when I saw the title of this month's product for review I at first rolled my eyes because I did not want to talk about meals.  I have tried bulk cooking before and do have a couple of extra things for the freezer, but I have run into so many discouraging problems that I gave up on the idea.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  Lorrie addressed every issue I have struggled with in the past concerning bulk food preparation with a very practical solution.  She developed a system that breaks the process of filling up your freezer with meals into smaller more doable tasks than the books I have read concerning mega cooking and cooking one month of meals in one day.  Those were too overwhelming for me.  I plan to add some of her suggestions to the plans I have been coming up with to make things easier for me in the area of feeding my family.  One area I am ready to look at further is the area of snacks because it is the one currently wearing me out.  I do not want my children eating prepackage foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives that I am convinced no one really knows what the long term effects are on little growing bodies.  So I cook a lot.  One thing that I have been doing that has helped is not in this book and that is to make popcorn and use various flavors and seasoning.  Label the bags with the flavors and my children can eat that instead of potato chips.  Yes, they still get some added sodium and some preservatives, but nothing like in the prepackaged foods.  In addition to this idea there were three practical  ideas Lorrie suggested that I think are going to really help me in the snack department.  Are you curious as to what those are?  Well, you will just have to read What's For Dinner, Mom? to find out.

I am sure there will be many practical ideas that you will find helpful as you seek to serve your family.  What's For Dinner, Mom? is not available as an e-book, but is an actual print copy book that can be shipped right to your home and reside on the shelf along with your other cookbooks for easy access and reference.  Use this link to order your copy
Be sure to also check out all the resources at Eternal Encouragement as I am sure that Lorrie has something with practical, real help in the areas you struggle as a wife, mother, and Christian woman.  To explore the Eternal Encouragement website click here.  I know you will be pleased with what you find.

I almost forgot the most exciting part-- one of the readers who comments on one of the Gabby Moms reviews will receive a free print copy of What's For Dinner, Mom?  So make sure when you read this review you leave a comment along with your e-mail address because you just might receive this awesome book.

Disclaimer:  I received What's For Dinner, Mom as an official member of the Gabby Moms blogging program in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I applaud your desire to not use so many processed foods and really like how Lorrie's book gave you some ideas!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I also used to do so very well in my meal planning when all the family was that I only have 3 to cook for, well, let's just say that many nights I answer the questions "What's for dinner mom?" with "whatever you can find!" Hoping this book will help me do better.

    1. Cindy,

      When my children leave home I will have the same problem. I will also miss having 2 bottomless pits, but will still have my hard labor working husband. I was a nanny for 3 girls so I thought I was prepared for parenthood, but then I had boys. The biggest surprise has been how much they eat. Hopefully the book will help you as well planning on a smaller scale for you as much as it is going to benefit me for planning on a larger scale.