Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Anniversary

Vic and I have been married for 12 years on Sunday, June 24th.  My family has a farm with a little farm get a way house so Vic and I checked to see about the availability of the farm for our anniversary.  It was not available that weekend, but was the weekend before.  So we celebrated our anniversary over Fathers Day weekend and we will celebrate Fathers Day on our actual anniversary this year. 

It was so nice.  We went out to dinner on our way to the farm, then once we got there did pretty much nothing.  We watched tv, slept in, ate, did a miniscule amount of fishing and talked.  Most of the time we sat in front of the tv or talked.  We watched more tv from Friday night until Sunday morning than we have since January.  We don't have cable and do not get network tv so we only watch videos and a little PBS.  It was not the tv watching that we needed it was the down time to decompress and just be.  We are learning that we each need to take some time to just exist or just be.  No pressure, no customer demands, no ringing phone calls, no children needing this or that thing, etc.  We came back rested and refreshed as well as inspired with new ideas.  It was truly a great weekend.

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