Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working with Eager Hands

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.  Proverbs 31: 13

Ouch!!  Why did this verse have to be in there!?!  Eager hands-- that is part of my issue.  I have to say that my hands are not eager.  I dread housework.  Really though it is the key to a peaceful home.  Instead I need to go about my work energetically, enthusiastically, and happily.  As I am going about the mundane work of housekeeping I need to remember that it is a way to say I love you to my family, but what am I saying to them if I neglect it.  Yikes!!!  I am just going to admit weakness in this area and work to change this weakness into a strength.  I am going to work to show my family that I love them by providing a nice environment for them to live in. 

I looked in a couple of commentaries at the passage as well.  One commentary noted that she sought out the supplies she needed to do her work.  That hit me right between the eyes.  I have become so bad about waiting for Vic to bring me the supplies I need for gardening work.  I need to be resourceful enough to get them myself.  Now straw bales I can not fit in my trunk so I will need his help there, but the rest I should be able to do myself. 

Here is where I need to adjust my view.  See I remember growing up in a home where we did not clean unless someone was coming over and whenever we did clean it was a dreaded task because things were not tended to properly along the way.  This has produced in me 2 negative consequences.  First of all my view of housekeeping is that of a dreaded monumental, overwhelming task  Also I did not grow up learning how to upkeep a home.  So when the lost feeling and overwhelmed feeling come it can be difficult to become motivated.  Then combine the fact that I had some during the rough years telling me how weak I was-- enough telling me this that I now view myself as weak, but I am not weak.  So I see myself as weak, feel lost and overwhelmed that leads to feeling that things are hopeless and pointless.  So I realize I do not need to pound this convicting verse in my head, instead I need to address my mindset and change my perspective.  As I do that I will also fake having eager hands until one day my perspective and my efforts match.  Then I will truly work with eager hands.

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