Thursday, August 2, 2012

How do we entertain our children

Some have recently criticized my parenting because Caleb and Simeon do not know who Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga are.  They think that some how because we don't watch Sponge bob we are harming our children.  We do not have cable or satellite tv, only allow a small amount of video game usage, and have restrictions on Internet usage.  Still others have criticized that we are socializing our children by exposure to people of all ages as opposed to the age segregated form of socialization.  We monitor friends and if a friend is not the type of influence we want for our children then our children do not spend time with that friend.  That is part of parenting.  I as their mother am the gatekeeper of influences in their lives.

As the gatekeeper I made the decision that I do not want my children to have fluffy entertainment.  That is entertainment for the sake of entertainment.  The reason for this is that as I have observed in other children this type of entertainment breeds more and more desire for this type of entertainment.  Then before long they crave this type of entertainment and expect the world to entertain them.  That is not want I want for my sons.  I want something higher, something better.  I want entertainment that will inspire them, create desire to do great things to change the world, to think higher thoughts, and to build family unity.  As their mother I have the opportunity and responsibility to develop their appetites for entertainment, for what they desire out of life, and to protect their hearts and minds.

My husband agrees with me so we work together to build good, quality, inspiring entertainment for our children.  Instead of sitting together watching tv you will find our family sitting together reading living books aloud, playing games, having discussions, going for walks or to the pool, doing a service project together, occasionally we will watch a carefully selected movie.  This how my husband and I have decided to raise our family.  We are happy and closer because of it.  Even though some will disagree with our choice that is okay, they can do it differently at their house if they choose.  We will choose to continue on the path the Lord leads us on and this is a part of it.


  1. love your heart. may God continue to strengthen you in raising warriors for His Kingdom.

  2. I definitely AGREE with you! Such a fabulous post! I've also been thinking lately about what entertainment I participate in. If I wouldn't allow a child to join in, why am I participating in it? It's always nice to hear of someone who feels the same that I do! Thanks for sharing your post! :)

  3. Amen...stay the course; people crit. for the most part it makes them feel uncomfortable and know frankly it isn't good to attribute to the world via entertainment and more...
    Lord bless

  4. Great thoughts to ponder on. I am not happy with the amount of TV/movies my children watch. Mostly good, wholesome stuff, but still too much. I'm hoping to remedy that.