Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Inconsistent Blogging

I realized recently that it has been a very long time since I have added a blog entry.  I need to get back to doing this and to do it consistently.  I just wanted to let all of you who follow know why this big lag in blog activity.  There will be lags in blog activity when the demands of my family get to the point that they have been the last 2 months.  I have many things on my mind I want to say here, but I only take the time when I have met my obligations to my family. 

When I left the workforce to be home for my family full time some told me I would be back in the workforce due to boredom.  I have never had boredom and I am busier now than I ever was in the workforce.  I am busy from the minute I get up until I go to bed at night.  Most moms are-- at least those who are taking their jobs seriously.  Those who would spend time here I know are taking their job as wife and mom seriously. 

This year Simeon started first grade and Caleb entered second grade.  They each told me things they wanted to do in school so we are doing extra things.  The most exciting things so far this school year have been to watch Caleb have a break through in reading.  He has struggled in this area and yet while he still struggles he is now making progress.  After prayer and talking with Vic I changed my strategy and it appears to be working and he finally moved to the next level.  Simeon has taken off learning to read.  This week he moved from reading three letter word Bob Books to level 1 readers.  It is fun to watch the excitement in his face when he gets to read to me.  Caleb finally had a breakthrough in learning to tell time.  This was another struggle for him.  It is exciting to watch the light bulb click for him.  Simeon has started addition.  He is doing well, but struggling with word problems.  We are using Exploring Creation With Anatomy And Physiology this year and likely nest year as well.  We also started to do spelling.  Caleb enjoys spelling and is doing fairly well at this.  This year both Caleb and Simeon are playing soccer in the community league and both of them are Sparks at AWANA and Caleb is a Bear Cub in Cub Scouts this year.  Another thing I am noticing in Caleb is that as he is growing up he is setting goals for himself.  I am proud of him that he sets goals that will not be easily reached.  He seems to be learning the value of working hard for something and then also the value of being trusted.

It has been a rough year with the drought.  Vic is busy now that we are getting rain.  However, it has caused us to talk about a few things that we need to do differently.  I talked with Vic and he wants me under no circumstances to be in the workforce.  So that means finding some other ways to provide income during drought years.  Vic goes tomorrow and is taking his test to become licensed to sell insurance.  He is still going to continue building the family Landscaping and Carpet Cleaning business.  He passed one of four section a month ago and now is retaking the other three.  Then he will do part time insurance work during his busy landscaping season and work much more at selling insurance during the slow part of his landscaping season.  Assisting him with test preparation has kept me busier too.  He and I have an idea that I am going to expand on to bring in some income from here at home.  However, I have got to get a couple more things organized and in order to get it launched.  I will share it with all of you when I do.  All of these things have been demanding more of my time and energy lately, thus the lack of blogging as well.

Now that soccer ends on Saturday and our school days are getting into a better groove and routine I will hopefully be back on this blog more often,.  Know that if I disappear again from blogging that likely my family is going through a higher need time and that I will be back. 

Love the Lord with all your heart!!!!!


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