Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes it is the little things that seem so insignificant that can matter so much.  I hope I don't sound petty, but I have missed being able to share pictures this year.  Early on in the year the battery charger for our digital camera disappeared along with the cord that charges Caleb's camera.  We have not recovered them and we have looked everywhere.  Caleb wanted to make up some little plays, record them, and then share them.  We had just gotten all of this figured out when they all disappeared.  My husband's Pay Pal account had money on it that we forgot about and then we discovered that for just the amount of money we had we could get a new battery charger along with 2 new additional batteries.  I think we will likely invest in more card space for storage and Caleb will be able to record things with the family camera.  I will also get to post pictures again.  Forgive me if I go over board at first.  In this case it was a very little thing that has meant so much.  Now we are waiting for a package in the mail.

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