Thursday, June 27, 2013

"You say that is What!?!

It seems our society has gotten onto a big kick about hate.  I agree that TRUE hate is awful and should not be tolerated.  However, it seems everything under the sun is being considered hate.  I disagree with you so I hate you type of thinking.  Really!?!  In our society it is considered hate speech to say that abortion is a sin.  In reality it is murder.  We try to make it sound less like taking a human life away by calling the unborn child a fetus, but really this is a child.  If God is the one who caused the conception of that child and we are playing God when we abort one of his creation.  The Bible also clearly tells us to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves.  Unborn children clearly cannot speak for themselves so I will speak for them. That is not "hate" speech.  That is "love" speech.  Homosexuality is clearly a sin in the Bible as well.  God designed the world to work a certain way and if we go against that then we are opening ourselves up to pain, heartache, and his judgements.  It is not hate to say share the truth in God's Word.  It is love because if that person repents then that person will be freed from the pain that the homosexual lifestyle causes.  It is love not hate.

In our society we would like to have the term and concept of sin eliminated.  However, the Bible says we all sin and that we all fall short.  The only one who did not sin is Jesus.  The penalty for sin according to the Bible is eternity in hell.  However, Jesus died so that if we will accept him and surrender our lives to him that we would be freed from the consequences of sin.  Pointing out sin and sharing the Gospel is not hate speech it is love speech.  So the next time someone calls something sin and it bothers you take the time to ask the Lord if you need to repent of that particular sin and if you do then repent and surrender that area to HIM.

Now there is true hate speech in our society and that I am totally against, but lets look at what the word hate means.  HATE (according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary) intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.  That in no way says someone is guilty of hate because they disagree with another person.  Racial slurs, bombings, beatings, bullying, persecution, etc these are all examples of hate crimes.  This is a far cry different from the "I disagree with you" type of thing that has been labeled hate in our society.  So lets make sure it really is hate before we jump to a conclusion about the matter being dealt with or addressed..

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