Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back In The Saddle Again


I started this blog several years ago with a vision and purpose in mind.  I spoke with my husband and I had his blessing to blog.  However, as I gained momentum and was getting going we encountered a couple of problems.  First of all our household needed to heal because we were very broken.  We are still a work in progress, but we have healed a lot over the last couple of years.  Second of all there was someone outside our household who was offended because of my blogging.  The things that offended her were that I pray for members of my household when I fold their laundry and that I burn a candle in my kitchen to remind me that my strength comes from the Lord.  She was not just offended she apparently hounded my husband to the point of disruption in our home.  He for some reason at that time believed that this person had to approve of what decisions we chose to make in our household.   So I dropped my building momentum and blogged just barely enough to not stop existing.  I had prayed before blogging and I knew the Lord had asked me to have this blog.  I also believed he was telling me that it was still something he wanted me to do.  However, I was not going to do something that disrupted my family so much.  So I prayed and the Lord seemed to speak to my heart to back off for a while.

Now things are different.  Our family has gone through a lot of rearranging and healing.  My husband and I have come to a place where the same people who used to have the ability to cause so much disruption in our household no longer have that ability.  Now if this same woman becomes so offended by something so ridiculous then my husband and I could ignore her.  We can also tell her she is out of line so back off.  The ones who has authority to make decisions in this household are Vic and I alone.  No one from the outside has the right to interfere in this way.  Now my husband and I can unite to say "If you don't like that Charity blogged about praying for members of our household while folding laundry then don't read it."  I want people to read my blog and my readers do not even have to agree with me on everything that I say.  I expect to hear some differences and discussions in the comments, but to give those comments in a respectful way.  The issue was the disruption caused to my immediate family so please feel free as you read to respectfully comment both agreement and disagreement.  I will delete those comments that are disrespectful, but I encourage discussion.

I know the timing is different because my husband brought up this blog and asked me to blog again. He and I discussed how to handle attempts at disruption.  We are prepared for it.  Our PC had died a while back and he even used a portion of our tax refund to purchase a laptop specifically for me to use for blogging.  Caleb is also learning report writing so he will be using it as well.  I have discovered as I have been considering what to say as I get back to blogging that my vision has grown and I am at a place of wholeness that I had once thought would never happen for me again.  I am more confident then ever.  The Lord had been in the starting and the stopping and now appears to be in the restarting.  I am excited as I see what is going to unfold next.  By the way I still pray while folding laundry and still burn a candle in my kitchen.

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