Friday, February 18, 2011

Remembering Days Gone By: February 19, 2008

Tonight we celebrated a big event a night early due to vic's preparing to preach on the 20th (he is preaching 2 times that day). I had planned to make links for a construction paper chain to symbolize that we are no longer in bondage to my husband's seizures. However due to illness this week I did not get them made. Instead we went out for supper.

Three years ago on February 19th the day started early for Vic. He had to be at Vanderbilt Hospital at 6:30 if my memory serves me correctly. He was being admitted for surgical epileptic correction. His mom took him in and I was told that an elder and the pastor from church were there and a former Sunday School teacher were there and prayed with him before he went in to prepare for surgery. I dropped Caleb and Simeon off at KidStop-- the drop in child care facility in Franklin, TN. Then I went on to the hospital for the long wait. Vic was finished with surgery somewhere around 2:00pm. He had a terrible headache when it was all done, but as he healed he has had no more seizures. So February 19, 2008 was Vic's first day without a seizure since he was an infant. He has been seizure free since that day-- three years and counting!!!!!

Our nightmare was over and Vic has discovered he can now do things he could never have done before. He is still discovering what he can do. He is coming into his own. As he grows into his place in the world he becomes more confident and happier. It has been very exciting to watch my husband go through this transformation. Our family is growing and changing as he does. We are all happier and better because on February 19, 2008 Vic had this surgery.

Once again PRAISE THE LORD for the deliverance he has shown to Vic and the rest of our family. February 19th is an official holiday at our house.


  1. That is awesome! I remembered praying for Victor but I am not good with dates so I didn't remember the date but that has got to be the best surgery that he ever had. WOW!! What else can I say?

  2. So neat that it has been 3 years! Wow, God is so good.