Friday, June 10, 2011

Busy Totally Blessed Week

We have had a busy totally blessed week here at the Vanderhoof House. Vic has been busy working and is tired, but it looks like he might get a chance to have a little rest this weekend (of course that depends on how many of our activities he plans to participate in). This was Vacation Bible School Week at our church First Baptist Newton. Caleb was at VBS on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then he went to Cub Scout Day Camp Thursday and Friday. Yesterday, Caleb went with Pop-Pop (my dad) to camp and it was reported that he shot a bow and arrow for the first time, made a pirate patch, went swimming, learned a little about map navigation, and I am sure there is more I have not heard about. Today I think they are planning a nature walk, learning to shoot bb guns, and I can't wait to hear about these things and the others things they will be doing. Simeon had a doctor appointment Monday morning to have ears checked after getting tubes 2 months ago. Doctor says they look good. Then he was at VBS the rest of the week and had some special one on one time with me.

This year in VBS the theme was Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street and the children were taught about character qualities. The first day was gratitude, the second day was compassion, the third day was forgiveness, the fourth day was grace, and today was faithfulness. One of the biggest highlights of the week was the offering at VBS. This year the offering went to the tornado victims in Joplin, MO. Kelli lead the group in singing and the openings and closings. She is totally gifted at this and loves VBS (it shows that she does too). Kelli told the group on the first day that if they raised $300 then a name would be drawn on the last day and that person could throw a pie in her face. Well, on day 4 the total was over $750. So Kelli decided that someone from every class could throw a pie in her face on the last day. Then she further challenged that if they raised $1000 by the end if day 5 a name would be drawn and that child would throw a pie in Kelli's face during the VBS program Sunday night. Those children came through and the grand total for their VBS offering to go to Joplin, MO tornado relief was over $1000. So Kelli got pies in her face today as well as the teacher from the class that raised the most money which was Brooke's class. These are some good times. The program will be Sunday night. Caleb had the camera at Cub Scout Camp so I did not get pictures, but I will get some pictures Sunday Night.

This weekend will continue with our busy schedule (which is due to slow down starting next week). Caleb will go fishing with Cub Scouts on Saturday, there is a swimming party with the Cub Scouts on Sunday afternoon, and then the VBS program Sunday evening.

As for me I helped with the babies during VBS, but today have a summer cold. My husband is taking me out tonight so I have to get better soon.

I hope for you and your family a wonderful blessed weekend and coming week.

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  1. That week was as very busy week for us, too, with VBS and going to Springfield. But, it was a good week!