Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artists and Authors (Review)

AUTHORS and Artists
This month we were given a choice in the Gabby Moms program whether we wanted to review the book Artists and Authors or the book Authors and Artists.  In my house the choice was simple with two little artist who are excitedly going through a book to learn how to draw people, castles, and dragons we of course chose the Artists and Authors book.  I must admit that I was not excited about receiving this book.  I am not sure why.  As a Christian, homeschooling mom I go to great lengths to incorporate the character of Christ into everything we do.  Maybe it was the fact that I have looked at so many products concerning character development in preparation for this year or that I am now working with two emerging readers and I was tired when I saw this-- I am not sure.  However, when the product arrived in its pretty wrapping and a bow it made something in me feel special.  Then when Simeon said, "Mommy that bow is so pretty, just like you."  Then he insisted that a pretty mommy needed wear a pretty bow.  That was the start of things changing.  Then I looked at the book and got excited quickly.  It combines art (which is a favorite of my children) and character training (which I already mentioned is important to me).  It not only combines these two, but it also does it in a simple, easy to use way.  However, this simplicity does not take away from the depth of the topic, instead it breaks it down to just the right size chunks at just the right level for my sons.  Now I wish this would have been a product we reviewed earlier in the year.  This year I already have both character training and art not only planned, but we are already in the process of using both.  So, next year our curriculum will include this resource.  I received this one in exchange for my honest review so I will need to purchase a second one.  That will not be our only purchase either as I think special colored pencils are in order.  This I know will be a special time with my sons and will surely build memories that will last well into the future.  Both books are being given away.  If you are interested in entering your name for a giveaway to either Artists and Authors or Authors and Artists then you can do so by clicking on the following links:
Authors and Artists
Artists and Authors

If you are interested in exploring these resources more then click on the titles above, but if you want to find even more wonderful character training resources offered through Eternal Encouragement Magazine then click here.  Encouragement is also available to you every day at Lorrie Flem's fairly new blog Randy's Rib.

Note:  I received Artists and Authors free in exchange for my honest review as part of the Gabby Moms program.  


  1. Amazing how a pretty bow and a sweet comment can change our attitude so quickly :)