Saturday, August 25, 2012

Women of Faith 2012

This year I got the privilege of going to Women of Faith.  I just returned about 2 hours ago.  I am exhausted, but my heart is so full.  I feel like I truly heard from the Lord in some fresh and new ways.  The event ended with a tremendous time of worship.  During that time I realized that I have never worshipped the Lord as deeply as I did today.  I know that our walk with the Lord is not about emotional highs, but the worship service made me realize that I love the Lord more now than ever.  I have been disconnected in my relationship with my Lord for years.  I am still saved, I still loved him and he still loved me, but the connection in my relationship with him had been damaged so it seemed rather distant.  However, this weekend there was some healing.  I hope to post on some of that tomorrow as tonight I am tired and would not do justice to the story.  So tomorrow I will try to make room between church, soccer, and catching up with family to share some healing that happened for me this weekend. 

Okay, I got off on a tangent.  Anyway as we were worshiping today I realized that I was worshiping King Jesus in a new and deeper way.  The rough years our family lived through I thought had dampened my passion for Christ and somehow made us more distant and that somehow that distance was permanent.  The day I just accepted that as the norm in my life as a painful day for me.  However, today the Lord showed me that is not true.  I needed time for wounds to heal then I would see that I am actually closer to the Lord than ever before.  I love him more than I did before.  One thing is true-- that I will never be the same and my family will never be the same as we would have been had we not had to walk the roads we have had to walk together.  I had viewed that as a weakness, but now I see it as an asset.  See we are not worse off like I thought.  Instead our family is better and stronger because of the journey we have walked together.  So I am stronger, better, and I love my Lord Jesus more.  So I needed a glimpse of reality and I got it.  Praise The Lord.  I will stop typing now as I have got to get some sleep before I fall over in my chair.  Good night!!!!

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  1. So glad you had the opportunity to go to this conference! Sounds like it was just what you needed, praise the Lord!